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is the on-line journal of the pub community. We are a "review" in
the sense of taking another, perhaps unusual look at a remarkable tavern, or in presenting a prominent pub
for the purpose of honoring its story and its soul. We are not a critique of menus, beverages, or service.

Many, if not most of the important ideas and events in our history, politics, and commerce were born on a bar
stool over a pint of fine ale. And, if you are anything at all like us here at APHR, some of your fondest
personal memories also found their genesis in that uniquely human atmosphere around a bar.
As our publisher, Chris Poh likes to say, "The pub is the parliament of the common man." We might hasten to
add that it is also in many ways, a boardroom, a court, a school, and a theater.

Our electronic pages will virtually take you to interesting taverns throughout our country and, indeed,
around the world. There is always a song to sweeten the trip and a log of our previous excursions. Perhaps
what AMERICAN PUBLIC HOUSE REVIEW is all about can best be expressed in our slogan,
"GLASSES RAISED, SPIRITS LIFTED, JOURNEYS SHARED!" If all this sounds intruiging, pull up a stool; you're
one of the folks.


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Christopher Poh

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Kathleen Connally

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