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   "He who has not been at a tavern
                       knows not what a paradise it is."


Vol. 1, No. 1 ~ October, 2007 ~ Table of Contents

American Public House Review Cover Page  Farnswroth Taps


 Table of Contents - October, 2007

Chris Poh Editor of american Public House Review
Our Mission
From this Publican's Perch
Boat House Boat
The Launch
Musings from
The Boat House

Kaitlin Doyle
Irish Music
Mitchell's Cafe

William Wallace
Scottish Elan
Braveheart Highland Pub
Thumbnail Shakers
Beautiful Views
Dunmore Throop at The Indian Rock Inn
Black Bass Sign
Restful Place
Black Bass Hotel

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This Month's Featured Artists
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Timlin & Kane

Gerry Timlin &
Tom Kane

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The Minstrel Boy / The Rising of the Moon
- Gerry Timlin from "Live at Godfrey Daniels"

- Reels -
Man from Bundoran / Man from Draghan / Kitty O'Connells

  Gerry Timlin & Tom Kane from "Live For Our Friends"

Matt De Blass
Matt DeBlass

Audio files are offered courtesy of the artist, with the understanding that they may not be copied, republished or redistributed in any format without the express permission of the performer and/or their recording label.

ISSUE #1                              OCTOBER   2007

Publication Director & Editor in Chief   Christopher Poh

Creative Director & Editor  
Edward Petersen

Features Editor & Marketing Director  David McBride

Technical Director   Alan Runfeldt

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Contributing Editor   Dunmore Throop

Contributing Editor  
Finbar Sanders

Photography by Chris Poh

Photograph of Chris Poh by David McBride

Photograph of Carol Bishop
by Harold Dunn

Additional Photographs provided by Braveheart Highland Pub and The Indian Rock Inn

Cover Photo: The taps at the Farnsworth House in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania by Chris Poh



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Since our readers will always receive free, first class passage and compensation for any of their contributions that are featured in future issues, we will need to either become privateers or incorporate advertising into this  magazine. The old guys on the staff carried the vote. We will stand down the Jolly Roger.

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